Canadian Minister participate in “one sided” round table discussion on Sri Lanka

Posted on January 27, 2013


-Block the participation of other Sri Lankan organizations
-Only pro LTTE organizations were allowed to participate

jasonBy Senaka Ekanayake in Toronto

Sri Lankan community in Canada are angry of the decision of the Canadian Minister Jason Kenny not to allow Sri Lankan organizations other than pro LTTE organizations to take part in the so called Round table discussion on Sri Lanka, happened to be organized by his office at the Hilton Suites in Markham Ontario on 26th January 2013 in order to gather the view of Sri Lankan community on the current situation of Sri lanka.

Some members of Sri Lankan organizations including SLUN were blocked by LTTE Diaspora activists who were guarding at the entrance of the Trillium Room of the Hilton Suites in Markham, where the event was planned to take place. Ministry officials at the premises have not taken any action to settle the matter even though Sri Lankan organizations had complaint to them of the situation.

Earlier a public notice was posted in Utahan newspaper published in Toronto requesting the participation of all Sri Lankan organizations to the event.

Sri Lankan Canadians say this is a clear cut policy change in Stephen Harper’s Conservative government which were trying to disassociate with terrorists earlier, but now directly associating them for the thrust of getting Tamil Block vote in some Toronto ridings.

“Canadian government taking foreign policy decisions based on propaganda of a banned terrorist organization cannot be good for any “democratic” country”; Saman Munidasa, a Sri Lankan activist who tried to attend the event told Third Voice.

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