Canadians are on terror threat!

Posted on November 4, 2014


By Kris PulohasinLTcagham

Some of the listed terrorist entities are on the verge of losing its terror brand automatically due to the hypocrisy of current Canadian government.

In 2006 Canada listed Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) as a terrorist entity, and again in 2008 one of the front organizations of LTTE, World Tamil Movement (MTM) was listed as a terrorist entity.

Once an organization is banned 83.05 of the Criminal Code of Canada force the Minister to make a review on the each banned entity once in every 2 years. Last review on LTTE and WTM was done in November 20, 2012 and the next review is due before November 20, 2014. If no review is done by November 20th, it is possible that these 2 terrorist entities are to get a free ride and to make Canada to use as one its bases. If that is to happen Canadians with Sri Lankan origin are in danger of threats, extortion and even death from the members of these entities.

According to Public Safety Ministry of Canada “….the LTTE has also had an extensive network of fundraisers, political and propaganda officers, and arms procurers operating in Sri Lanka and within the Tamil Diaspora. Although the LTTE was militarily defeated in May 2009, subversion, destabilization, and fundraising continue, particularly in the Diaspora.” ( ) While admitting above, if the government allowed to take place the automatic de-listing, current government of Canada should take the responsibility of the lives of over 400,000 Canadians.

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